Product description:

Bio-nucleo Full

A powerfull premix of bio-organic and inorganic ingredients to prepare TMR (total mixed rations) . It is technically formulated with our owner ferments (bio-catalysts) , yeasts and exogenous enzymes complexes that promote a better ruminal digestion of the ingredients and improve the nutrients absorption . This amazing premix provides high levels of NPN (Non-Protein Nitrogen) with a syncronic releasers of N and NH4+, thus stimulating the ruminal biota to produce greater synthesis of high microbial protein . That is, MORE PROTEIN AT LESS COST. On the other hand it was riched with different sugars and modified starchs to improve ruminal osmotic pressure and better metabolism of nutrients. The correct use of this powerfull premix helps to reach highest levels of livestock performances. Dosage recommended 15 kgrs/ton of TMR dry base.