Who We Are

 In order to applied current researches our company produces differents types of premixes (bio-blends) to offer solutions in a better nutrition for livestock. As a result of our laboratory works, we have successfully developed differents bio-blends which were tested by farms that transform ruminant nutrition, improving meat production and optimizing digestibility of fibrous grasses or deficients grains. Our Biotechnological products, 100% organic and eco-sustainable, which makes us more reliable and allows us to move forward into farmers and consumers requires.

Unlike monogastrics, the ruminants has an Aloenzymatic digestion which differs as much in final products as the absortion mechanisms of nutrients. Genofeed developed a new concept of ruminants nutrition named SYBNIR (Synchronic Bio-Nutrition in Ruminants) a technical model combine Enzymology, Biota nutrition and Microbial Ecology to improve ruminal fermentations of feeds and absorption efficiency of nutrients. SYBNIR a New Biotechnological concept in ruminant nutrition was designed by ourtechnicians to produce:

  • Maximun and Healthy ruminal fermentations of all feeds.
  • High Synchronization between fermentative digestion pathways and nutrients absortion.
  • Better, sustainable and Healthy animal performances.
  • Low feeding costs and profit improve of livestock.

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